I yearn for her but she can never know.
I fantasize about but she will never know.
She makes feel alive when little else can.
I feel my heartbeat, my breath.
This can go on forever as long as she doesn’t know.
Just me loving her on this one way street called love.
I want to touch her like I want to hold my child once more.
But neither can happen.
So I will appreciate her from a distance.
I’ll watch her arrive like a gentle breeze and vanish like a sunset
Blessing everyone in between.
She is my secret crush.
A forbidden love,
The high hanging fruit only the gods can reach.
Because to love her is to risk it all.
To love her is to lose yourself.
Are you ready for that?
I ask you:
If you love someone and she never knew it
Was she ever loved at all?


This poem is about a real person.

Secret, crush

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