I loved in the most deepest world
filled with empty shadows,
strange routes &
no one to assist in shaping
stems of growing trees.
Oh how strange it was to land
in a foreign world empty as it was
it felt like home.
How great it was to adjust
& face challenges
some which I wished
there was a government to solve.
Alone, lonely at times I still wanted
to keep this world as my one & only
fooling myself that there aren’t any
living species.
Quiet as those species were they lived,
lived to kill my existence..
Unafraid, brave & firm my thoughts
were of survival to only discover that
this world doesn’t accept humans.
Especially one of honesty, love, flaws,
forgiveness, purity, whole
& of good heart shaped with kindness...
How I would’ve loved to grow old in a foreign world.

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