My first pome on this website

I wake every morning to a dark life filled with despair and sadness I get up to a floor of shadows and I hear screams of  pain and sufferings of the hurt people in this world and I walk without a single thought and I sit in the corner thinking of my dark life


It is a poem about my dark life

Dark poem

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Claire Newman
over 6 years

I think you are a great person

over 6 years

Aloha Claire...Thank you my dear for reaching out and giving me a touch... I like the dark side of you... may I sit with you in your corner? I had to stand on one hoof and stick my nose in it... oh, that sounds strange? I too walk... without any calm... I would not have it any other daze... Imagine being without thought? You cannot, because you had that one thought! see how the gray material works... I trust that you trust that IAM cool... how cool is white / hot heat? Is giving cool head better that hot head? I get a-head of myself! no, I do not give myself head... I already have many heads... how is your head right now? goooooooody? Please allow me this... pun is so much fun! Let US all get over our selves and ingest some good goo... Me Tarzan, You Claire? Monkey around the jungle with George? Allow me to resuscitate your avatar... trick lil' pic... I like your dark side... I will be watching out for you... please visit often... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two (do read the all of me)

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