I am different

I have a life of mysery I feel that I was not meant to be created in this world
I life is one big Wurlitzer I am different from the rest I must be a pest because I shall never be the best I am mysery I don’t care I am a loner I have no friends I hide behind a screen there are many popular and they are mostly dumb jerks I don’t care any more!


I am mysery

I don't care

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Gary W
over 6 years

Btw that pic is pretty sweet....your an artist for sure....most of us are loners. Most successful artist tend to be in our own little world right:-)

Gary W
over 6 years

I feel you! Same here. Truth is u reach a certain age and being popular dont mean nothing. My best advice is just do you and do what ever you need to do so that when your 25 you can have a good job a good house cus thats what gives you a good life and its all about you your mate and your kids for the rest of your life which is a long long time compared to the few years you have to be around the popular people n like i said being popular dont do any thing for you from 20 to 75. You wont even remember there names.

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