By Stanley Collymore
How sick can you be when throughout your selfish,
pathetic, covetous and wholly self-serving lives
you emphatically, disdainfully and gleefully
condemn Germany– notwithstanding its
present day unquestionable status in
the harrowing aftermath of what
was discernibly for it a most terrible internecine and
highly disastrous European Civil War: you know
the one which the victors of it vaingloriously
did and their corresponding warmongering
successors still carry on self-importantly
referring to as World War II, and now
an ultra-modern, and demonstrably
principled as well as a markedly
democratic country– as a pariah state to be keenly
shunned, while its many and determined critics
continue to fraudulently conceive, then quite
deviously and propagandistically eagerly
promote their purposely biased notions
to nastily support their mendaciously
contrived and lying assertions that
Germany is still some kind of an
inveterate Nazi-inspired nation
with deep reactionary fascistic
tendencies, or as an invented
civilized country is neither
fit to be living along with
in a global community
nor for that matter to
be dealing with in
the 21st Century!
Yet after all these critics’ scheming, xenophobic and
Brexit escapades creating in the process for them
an unexpectedly turbulent situation where their
calculated shit has not only proverbially but
also in actuality hit the fan of star-crossed
controversy and in addition with the tide
of opportunism having turned rather decisively and
disastrously against them– guess what? To avoid
the dire consequences of what they purposely,
hubristically and most agreeably embarked
upon, these greedy sods who chronically
always with financial aspirations upper–
most in their sick minds, incredibly,
but unsurprisingly with Germany:
that recurrently vilified but all the same in marked
contrast to the United Kingdom transparently a
much more stable and affluent country now
impudently want to get hold of German
passports, gallingly and self-servingly
become part of the German nation,
and as they shrewdly hedge their
bets by being German citizens
carry on as usual with their
vice-like hold on as well
as omnipresent control
of the rest of Britain!
© Stanley V. Collymore
20 October 2016.

Author’s remarks:
Say what you will about these loathsome Zionist lowlifes that disproportionate to their numbers within the UK none the less either directly control through the banks and other financial services; the media: whether corporately owned by them or as is the case with the BBC supposedly a state enterprise compulsorily and publicly financed by a longsuffering British public whose needs it doesn’t serve; or else manifestly, these Zionists, dictatorially and emphatically always lay down their required policies that must be followed and particularly so when it comes to the chief and undoubted UK political king/queen maker Rupert Murdoch whose insistence MUST be obeyed at all times by whoever is the titular head put in charge of overseeing these dictated policies and very much relating to Britain and always without question at the command of and to the financial advantage of this Zionist scum are carried out. And furthermore whose influence is all pervasive - there’s no getting away from the fact that love or hate them they can hardly be described as dull or not being in one’s face.

Warmongers, barbaric war criminals, mendacious purveyors of some of the worst crimes against humanity in the annals of recorded history and still ongoingly so; graspingly avaricious bastards and bitches without even the slightest modicum of conscionable behaviour, principles, integrity, decency, humanity, any comprehension whatsoever of what constitutes genuine law and order far less so natural justice collectively between them; a markedly obsessive and graspingly covetous penchant for exploitatively seizing with the maximum of brutality and in the most barbarous manner the legitimate assets and natural resources of others and doing all of this and much more in that characteristically odious and inhuman fashion of theirs without a morsel of remorse or compassion on their part ever; is very much the perverse and odiously characteristic nature of these lowlife Zionist scum who run Britain!

And how and why do they get away with it in Britain? Simple! Because significant sections of the British public overall are deeply ingrained cap-doffing to their unthinkingly perceived social betters, inveterate social climbing assholes and inured masochists, who the more they get their asses kicked in by these people the more they relish this sort of treatment. Very much akin to the condition known as battered wives/partner syndrome.


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