By Stanley Collymore
You positively mean everything in the world to me
and always will do, I honestly and most assuredly
promise you; and, what’s more, readily, openly
and willingly confirm that from my personal
perspective there’s absolutely nothing,
either singly or jointly, in either or
both of our two lives that could
conceivably or will ever change
anything in that respect. The net asset of
all this being that we shall continue
and forever, whether in sickness,
health, poverty or the unlikely
acquisition of wealth, still
affectionately, loyally
and, of course, most
adoringly have
each other.
© Stanley V. Collymore
9 July 2015.


Author’s remarks:
If love does indeed make the world go around then there’s every possibility that respecting, promoting and consolidating it in every sphere of our lives might in the same way conceivably ensure the survival not only of mankind, the other creatures that similarly dwell on this planet which we reciprocally share but also Planet Earth itself. Food for thought, I’d say! What do you think?

Love, Life

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