By Stanley Collymore
There’s beauty and there’s attractiveness, and
while the former is very difficult and often at
times impossible to quantify, the principal
characteristics that make beauty highly
desirable, much sought after, and easy
to empathize with are nevertheless
predictable and outmoded; relying
instead on intrinsic qualities
over which the recipient
has no control to
make their
Attractiveness, however, is an altogether
different entity which combines the
best that beauty can offer
with a transposable
that is intentionally vibrant
and scrupulously discerning, drawing as
it does so on a wellspring of stimulating
sexuality and emotional feelings that
uniquely and colourfully establish
their own hegemony to the utter
delight of those fortunate
enough to draw on
this experience.
Superlative attributes that you evidently and
in abundance charmingly embody my
Lady; although in itself saying that
is undoubtedly a significant
understatement to make.
© Stanley V. Collymore
22 December 2010.



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