By Stanley Collymore
Please, I do seriously, with you openly declaring that you’ve
taken a personal and romantic interest in me, have in turn
to insist, on the firm basis of other things you’ve also
said, that if you truthfully wish to have any kind
of meaningful relationship with me, that you
first realize and then fully acknowledge,
in the agreed circumstances that we now find ourselves
in, that you must explicitly and also straightforwardly
strive your hardest, as a subsequent part of this, to
clearly appreciate and voluntarily accept me for
the man who I patently am, and not essay in
any conniving way to either arbitrarily or
unilaterally, for that matter, venture to
alter me into someone, and for me
an unrecognizable person, who
you would much prefer that I
ultimately, or undoubtedly
more acceptably to you
immediately become.
Sorry then to disappoint your fanciful dreams! For let
me make it unequivocally clear and as best that I
can for you to comprehend. Such a distinctly
one-sided and furthermore a patronizingly
authoritarian plan only signifies for me a misguided
scenario on your part that not now or at any time
in the foreseeable future is ever likely, by me,
to be permitted to happen. And for the firm
and obvious reason, when everything is
said and done, that I specifically and
furthermore, particularly like me
for who and what I visibly am!
Stanley V. Collymore
3 October 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
We all of us either already, or will certainly do so in the future, have persons of one sort or another invitingly from us or unilaterally by them enter our individual lives in a manner that we’re absolutely delighted with or alternatively in some circumstances we distinctly on our part regard as a diabolical liberty unwarrantedly inflicted on us by them; while on theirs, and again from our own perspective, consider their unilateral and inconsiderate actions as the summation of what the worst case hellish scenario in any such attempt at a relationship actually represents.

And while there are those who will unfortunately be influenced by fear, the real or imagined incidence of retaliation prompted by rejection of any of these persons, cowardice, a marked reluctance not to deliberately cause offence or even the stigma of personal loneliness into not doing anything to remedy this intolerable situation that you happen to be in, it literally makes no sense to carry on in this unwarrantable way indefinitely. Since the only person who winds up feeling totally uncomfortable, being utterly miserable and hating yourself for what you’re implicitly allowing to happen to you is yourself.

So why not if you’re likely to be or even inadvertently find yourself in such untenable and perplexing circumstances do what the clear-sighted and no-nonsense among those of us do and decide for yourself independently who and what you convincingly and truthfully want to be? It won’t do you any harm and conversely might end up doing you a whole lot of good!


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