By Stanley Collymore
She’s no flaming Joan of Arc for sure is Jess Phillips
nor even a piss poor replica of Boadicea come
to it although she would dearly love to be
classified as both or at least one of them.
What however she is, and at her very
best, is a delusional, psychopathic
sociopath entangled with all the
vile characteristics of an utterly
demented and psychotic Rosemary West. And
quite predictably for a Dyke driven and bi–
sexual gender woman-cum-man the
constituents of the Birmingham
Yardley constituency might
care to know that their
psychologically unhinged
MP characteristically for her
and her unbalanced mental
situation has additionally for strictly
public consumption reasons on
her part and clearly not for
love or passionate affairs
of the heart decided to
conveniently adorn
herself with the
utterly requisite
but even so non–
descript and
Just as she’s schemingly and purposely chosen
as her political abettor and close companion
in calumny, back-stabbing and loathsome
treachery in relation to Jeremy Corbyn
someone who likewise though clearly
also revolting in nature isn’t himself
however actually up to the odious
calibre or the splenetic character
of the compulsively attention
seeking dross, nor for that matter the Reality TV
and its attendant fantasy world fascination that
transparently constitute the heavenly bliss
of the patently manic nerd Jess Phillips.
Nevertheless this classical misfit of
humanity has favourably found
what she had been earnestly
looking for as her political
bastion and Useful Idiot: an
similarly effeminate and Queer prone
man personified in the detectably
unimpressive representation,
and not dissimilar from the
representation of her own
husband, of the prized
moron, unforgettable
simpleton, and the
Deputy Leader
of the Labour
Party Tom
© Stanley .V.Collymore
22 August 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
In all my work which I’ve individually created and choose to post online I make a point of giving an analysis of what I’ve done and represent this either as my personal remarks or appropriate comments. On this one occasion I will make an exception and insert into what I’ve done in relation to this poem and its attendant article the precise words of Jess Phillips and Tom Watson to exemplify the point I’m making in this specific work of mine. And here there are; first those of Jess Phillips.

“Jeremy [Corbyn] is not a good leader and not because he’s a man. His biggest problem is that he’s not me. And that’s why if Jeremy wins the current leadership contest I will be making a leadership challenge the very day of his victory. Furthermore I’m prepared if necessary to stand in up to five leadership challenges. Every couple of months if that’s what it takes.

“Of course I shall learn from Angela Eagle’s mistake of doing a completely shit job launching a coup. For instance, I will try to come up with some actual ideas and policies beforehand, instead of simply standing in an embarrassingly empty room and waving my hands about. However, like Angela I recognize the importance of making exaggerated claims of abuse from Corbyn supporting terrorist rabble thugs. And along with the fact that I’m not Jeremy or a man this will be the main plank of my leadership campaign. I may also make light of male suicide as I’ve done on previous occasions.”

Told of Jess Phillips’ plans this is what Tom Watson the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party had to say.

“I welcome Jess Phillips commitment to overthrowing the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party if that leader is Jeremy Corbyn. Democracy is alright I suppose, but if the Labour membership keeps voting for the wrong candidate then we’ll make them vote again and again until eventually they choose the correct leader; basically anyone who doesn’t actually have Labour values.”

There you have it then. And these are the democrats and caring constituency MPs, they’ll have you believe, and who want to run Britain, doing so they claim in a more democratic and responsible manner than allegedly Jeremy Corby would do. Or as I or any other sensible individual capable of thinking for ourselves will see and clearly recognize these Labtories for what they are, essentially nothing more or less than graspingly avaricious lowlife scum whom you’re welcome to if you can’t honestly see through them.

Finally, this is my uncompromising take on the entire situation. Speak softly and always carry a big stick! Furthermore, when someone individually or persons collectively premeditatedly, malevolently, earnestly, intentionally, willingly or deleteriously get in your way whatever the circumstances are or the anticipated outcome from any unwarranted confrontation with you and speculated on by either side turns out to be, you MUST act! As Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are unapologetically doing in his case.

That’s the lesson I grew up with from my earliest childhood and fortunately for me coincides with the sensible philosophy and erudite genius of the Germans whom I immensely admire, deeply and enduring respect and have lived amongst for the past 36 years.


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