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inspired by "Patricia May Neiderer"
*check out her work on this site :)

i am without strength
starving for warmth as she holds me
for a moment I think I can feel her
as her arms wrap around me
i hear a voice
what little life is left in my broken bones
my body
which once played fine music
now uncomfortably numb
as misplaced years well up
seeking to escape the oceans of my soul
yet there they sit
in orbs iced blue
i cannot feel
there is no loss
there is no gain
i am adrift
peering into the space of nothingness
i briefly feel her
as she takes my hand in hers
so gently
she brings my hand to her face
and i half realize she is there
like some hazy dream or spirit walk
i am out of body
yet locked in place
as she seeks to anchor my gaze
upon the beauty of her shore
i begin to feel warmth
as she nibbles the flesh on my fingertips
her moist mouth
breathing life into lifelessness
i feel my heart beating
there in my fingers
her soft tongue wrapped around them
drawing them back from the abyss
is this a dream
i must be dreaming
so beautiful and inviting
the shoreline holding my gaze firmly
what beautiful eyes
this tender heaven I see before me
is this heaven
my hand now resting on her cheek
as she moves my hand gently across her face
i am in awe
i have never felt this before
my hands begin to longingly explore this paradise found
my own personal eden
i can’t help but read this body before me
like a braille bible
each caress
exploring my new kingdom
my fingers
tracing the landscape of her life
her living words felt
she tells me that I am like a wild animal that has been caged to long
she breathes me in
her sighs a symphony
as her body begins to sing
a song greater than any
i have ever known...
and then I wake
my body alive
for my Eve...

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John Troy
over 1 year

Your use of a dream framework spurred me to try to capture a dream through a poem.

over 4 years

Love this ^^^!!!!

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Thank you sister poet! I love your songs as well :)

Debra Romero
over 5 years

Very discriptive work Cory as I find all of your writings are. Dreams can be very sobering upon waking. I enjoyed reading...debs~

Cory Garcia
over 6 years


Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

the water paints blend as i try to share my oil with you, helping to keep your lamp bright, as the coming comes
can i go with youto the lake for a fresh dip
with a basket of fruit, full and over flowing
like the waterfall that
my soul goes over each look you gaze in my eyes
as i wait for your reply
my finger tracing the sores on your feet
this one must have taken some time to get through, i thought
time is a funny thing, just when you think it's the right time, it writes.
and the water turns
to wine and we drink each other in

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

with eyes that see
more than I could ever convey
with my breath and body
she drinks me in
so completely
that I can no longer tell
where I end
and she begins
our tangled limbs
like the hands on a clock
perfectly wound
and counting tirelessly
toward eternity
each sigh a day
in which to lose ourselves
in pure and concentrated bliss
each caress a week
full of tireless amorous adventure
each kiss a month
in passions wanton embrace
each smile a year
of mutually satisfying edification
and each look into each others loving eyes
a lifetime spent
in discovery and spiritual awakening
I long for her to come at last
so that we can count the ticking of our lives
as lovers should
writing our stories
upon each others body's
and reading them aloud to each other
againI long for my Eve

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

I don't know bro, seems to me a bit tricky.... hmmmm, a libertine absent philosophy eh?... I call that Punk Rock! ... Mr. Garcia is totally punk rock! haha!... love ya brother!

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

the action of the lips touching whole performing CPR-- can not compare to the words that you place in your medicine cup for me to drink, gently tilting my head back so as none escapes
the senses swelling so as to take it all in, forgetting that you must breath to live
then the smile attacks my face
and i smile with me eyes
wide open in anticipation
of the next words

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Can one be a libertine without the need adherence or acknowledgment of philosophy?if so then maybe i am on my way :)thank you for the encouragement brother!

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

a heart free
from the bondage of sin
for all is permissible
she coos
but not all is beneficial
her love
her radiant face
flushed and smiling
as if I a mere man
could satisfy
even the smallest fraction
of such a loving soul
her very scent
permeating my senses
with desire
the power of woman
this woman
in full bloom
clothed with that
which GOD
has so purposefully
adorned her
i cannot deny
that i a mere mortal
could long endure
to deny my desire
to place myself
firmly in her life
in such a way
as to bring smiles
to those lips
that have cupped
and nursed mine
to life...

james matthew coleman
over 6 years

James Coleman is agreeing with these wonderful responses, to your wonderful piece of free-write liberation Cory! Nice my friend. All your work is grand, but I'm partial to these pieces...... I sense a Libertine on the horizon!.... haha jk.... but I do like when you write with your guard down brother. Cheers!

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

eve's momentplacing a bandage on the little toe
will start the thawing process
to increase the time left
place the spring in the basket
while dripping backwards
add the filling to the stuffing
and inhale the symphony
of eve's bounty
the essence linger
still touchable
as if dreamed to life
viewing with your fingers
the colors of the curves,
the bee inside the flower
fly's away - loosed
nibbling on the shore
of heaven on earth
playing a fine melody

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

breathless or out of breath
as an orgasm constricts the muscles then releases
my body just spent
yet for more i yearn
the true, the realthe lasting
a life time
with only one muscle in action and no tendon to hold it in place, as it should have it's place
or palace
with see through walls
with out bars and purewill you cup your hand and take a drink

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

thank you brother!free verse is quite liberating :)

Norman Goldstein
over 6 years

wonderful....I so appreciate your incredible way with description that draws and colors and underlines

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