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inspired by "Patricia May Neiderer"
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my tattooed nun
born with a heart free
from the bondage of sin
for all is permissible
you coo
but not all is beneficial
your love
your radiant face
flushed and smiling
as if I a mere man
could satisfy
even the smallest fraction
of such a loving soul
your very scent
permeating my senses
with desire
the power of woman
this woman
in full bloom
clothed with that
which GOD
has so purposefully
i cannot deny
that i a mere mortal
could long endure
to deny my desire
to place myself
firmly in your life
in such a way
as to bring smiles
to those lips
that have cupped
and nursed mine
to life...

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Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

as the crashing of my computer and losing two poems----argh, this one will have to do

Patricia May Neiderer
over 6 years

to play the role
and touch your soul
as the setting of the sun
in the north they are chewing skoal
and living off the berries
that i served on a pole
or wall, that i had to jump
to paint a little color on your knoll
grinding the seeds and adding the oil
the muscles in your back are very swole
if only to play the role

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Thank you Rachel :)Tis true that passion
Does course through my veins
But beyond the soul lies a spirit true
That longs for more than flesh and bones
And seeks connections in every hue... thread count... and scent as they bind themselves around my tireless heart...DISCLAIMER ;)
I am for passion and not for philosophy...
For wisdom is a harlot ready to impart her meaning on anyone willing to pay her price as she enslaves you behind her false walls of security... I may love her daily and admire her beauty but in the end she will leave you wantingWhere as passion the seamstress wearing her colors proudly boldly and living freely will gladly enliven any heart and life with but a glance inspiring both the warrior and the poet to pay homage...She seeks me daily and admires my beauty and in the end she lived her life with me never departingA truer companion and friend there never was ;)

over 6 years

hmmm....I love that you express that you're missing the scent of a women

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