Are you hungry for love
Would you consume it completely
Partaking in whatever portion fate provided
Cleaning your plate until nothing remained
Except that which is within you
Are you hungry for love
Would you carry it with you all the days of your life
Would you travel to the ends of the earth
From one world to the next
Forever embracing it within you
Never letting it go
Are you hungry for love
Would you remember every tender morsel
Would its taste be forever on your lips
Would you be eternally thankful to have enjoyed
Every sight… sound… touch…
And mouthful
Of the feast that mattered most
Are you hungry for love
Would you starve your body to feed your spirit
Would you forsake any other food to speak of
Would you trade all other joys real and imagined
Would you sacrifice even yourself
Before you considered passing on
Even for the briefest moment
Of the harvest known as love

I wanted to get back on my path after my brief sojourn in sadness "Abandoned Tome"

I thought a good pick me up was Mother Teresa's quote
"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."

You see without one the body dies and without the other the soul...

Love is worth it. You are worth it. Continue your journey to experience it in its many forms.

Note: When someone tells you the opinions of others does not matter they are mistaken...
We all need to feel loved appreciated and accepted for who we are.
If you are honestly being the best you you can be.
Then the next step is to find the person who will value you and bring the love and acceptance you need.



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J Ann Crowder
oltre 2 anni

Spot on! We all need to feel loved. If we all could feel it because there was no lack of it, we would see a different world completely.

Cory Garcia
oltre 6 anni

thank you dear one :)

Janaviya ♡
oltre 6 anni

I loved this. I think as poets it is so important to illustrate every emotion in every line through every stanza and you've done it again!

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

Why thank you... I do believe that made my day :)sincerity... all ways & alwaysnote: I am loving your writing as well... keep it up :)

quasi 7 anni

And with this, my dear, you have poetically defined divine enlightenment... And quite beautifully, might I add. Not to mention that it's soaked and dripping with genuine sincerity... Well done! (clappety-clap-clap!)

Cory Garcia
quasi 7 anni

That felt absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you :)

quasi 7 anni

Wow, Yes I am willing! To sacrifice for love! Loved this.

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