When Life Seems Too Difficult To Get To
         And The Simplest Joys Just Can’t Be Found
                               When You Feel Lost
                    And Tears Fall To The Ground
                                     Look To Me
                         And I Will Take You To
                     The Reddening Of The Rose
Part 1– One Flesh
My Dear One
I know how unbearable things have been for you
The days you have shouted
And the nights you have cried
I have listened
To every word that has been said
I have counted
Every tear that has been shed
I can see it all in your eyes
I can hear it all in your voice
The pain you carry inside
My Dear One
I know your heart is aching
As life’s losses keep piling up
I know your frustrations are mounting
As prayers seemingly go unanswered
I know you can barely stand sometimes
And you find yourself falling
Upon bruised knees
Dried up and thirsting
At a well you fear is empty
My Dear One
Take hold of my hand
Let me lessen your burden
I will shout for our Fathers favor
I will cry out to the living GOD
My life given freely to you
That he may hear every word
My life poured out for you
That he may see every tear
Let my voice join with yours
Let my tears mix with yours
For your pain I too carry inside
My Dear One
Open your heart to me
Let me soothe its aching
Together we can pick up the pieces of life’s losses
Together we can relieve the mounting frustrations
Never forsaken and never alone
For together we stand
And if need be
Together we will fall
Bruised and thirsting
At the well
Where first we met
Part 2– One Spirit
My Dear One
Accept this offering
For I have and would pay any price
To set you free, to dwell within you
To help you be, all that you my Beloved
Were born to be, with outstretched arms
I am ever ready, to open the door
To the beauty, that has been set aside
For you to see
The Reddening of the Rose
My Dear One
When all you seek in this world turns against you
Let me be the one you escape to
For in me dwells new life
A place of rest made just for you
A place where you can be renewed
By the soft touch of precious moments
By the gentle gaze of trustworthy times
But one truth to be conveyed
I love you my Dear One
Wholly and completely
In every way
My Dear One
Together we can dance in the pouring rain
To the song the moon shared with the sun
As witnessed by the stars above
In faith you can feal my caress on the wind
As a lifetime of prayers are answered
And your heart at last can begin to mend
My Dear One
Hear my voice, let it guide you ever forward
Through the haze of these dark nights and dreary days
Past the raging rivers and worrisome thoughts of life
Ever closer to the moment when all is right
When in my eyes and in my arms you finally find
Your gentle streams the flow of which makes glad
Where can be seen beauty not fathomed even in dreams
And Him whose loving touch wipes away every tear
And Him whose living words causes every broken heart to be felled
And Him whose sacred spirit forever fills each and every well
My Dear One
Through this life I will remain ever with thee
Your faithful counselor and friend
Even onto that moment when all turns cold
Take faith for even then you will not be alone
For when on the days horizon your dreams are seen
For when on the nights dawning the promise is felt
For when on futures visage
You are enveloped by loves celestial light
Then at last we will be blessed to wake up side by side
Then at last we will rise to meet the sun together
Then at last we will walk the path of each new day
And I will recall to you fondly
The love we have shared along the way
For this is where you were born to be
Here with me
The Reddening of the Rose

Written for my Wife who lost her Father to cancer

2 stories in 1
1 allegorical

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anubis love anderson
over 6 years

What god do you trust

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

You know me love to give a smile

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Thank you for the kind review

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

Your amazing truely

anubis love anderson
over 6 years

Sorry to hear that

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

tears telling time
for a heart
that once beheld beauty
and a moment so profound
that its felt its own beat
in anothers chest
thus it tied itself
with a million threads
to the image it sees
each time it feels
this emotion
shredding the mirage
of the real
and revealing
moments held forever
in the tenderness of its eyes...... the heart sees more than we do sometimes and love is not always blind... whatever caused your tears was beautiful and i am glad my poem reminded you of it :)

over 7 years

tears have been shed, this is truly beautiful

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

:'-) I hear you... even though the well is never empty... life sure has a way of bringing us to tears... and the temptation to do it alone...let the tears of others mix with yours and know you are lovedGLYASDW-c

over 7 years

I thought since I was already crying, I ought to revisit your poem. It still moves me to tears :) I am multi-tasking with crying, haha!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

lol the things women go through :)Thank you for the review!

over 7 years

One of the few times that I have let tears well up, I had to reapply lash glue and mascara.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

thank you

Patricia May Neiderer
over 7 years

then - at last
Great work!

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Welcome back! Hope all is well... hope your rested up as well! Youve got a challenge coming your way ;)

Melancholy Daydreams
over 7 years

:) sorry I had alot of unexpected things happen to me so I haven't been on the internet in a long time

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks! Where have you been MD? I've missed you :)

Melancholy Daydreams
over 7 years

Beautiful. A beautiful story written with much passion and love

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you :) I put everything I had into it...I love to tell simultaneous stories at the same time and make them allegorical if I can... looking forward to yours :)Messaging:
It s a new function they just added. On the persons page their is a little envelope above their picture :)

over 7 years

I don't know how to send you a private message like you have me, but this is beautiful and captivating. Finamilaly done. The voice in my head as I was reading was full of passion and pain and love. Wonderfully written.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thanks brother!!! I see him in you too and its a wonderful reflection :)

over 7 years

I love your rhythm. I don't believe in a Christian God, and that's ok. Because I still believe in a God, a one God, he holds the whole of all life in his heart and thoughts. He is in you, I see him there, reaching out toward others. We all have a path toward our heaven, everything and every thing and every one is emanating it. well.... that's all if you ask me.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Thank you brother... this one was not so much fun to write but necessary and cherished ;)I am so glad you joined this site... you are really making me think!!!

roy  k  austin
over 7 years

poetic passages i like-"Bruised and thirstingAt the wellWhere first we met" Together we can dance in the pouring rainTo the song the moon shared with the sunAs witnessed by the stars above"- this is poetry.

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