Upon Shanks’ Nag

Here I am upon shanks’ nag… forlorn
Covered by the chill blank darkness of the night
I am feeling old
Not solely in body… but in spirit
With every solitary step
My years sadly displayed through the windows of my soul
I feel hollow… not empty and void
Like the cold vacuum of space
But instead like a room forsaken
Sealed off by the homes possessor
For fear of fealing too much
Sealed off indeed
As the dust of unexplored ages settles upon a book
The very story of my existence
In this once treasured room
Such joy it was in the beginning
In anticipation the readers heart
Soared with each new scene
Yet now it sits idly by… long forgotten… unread
This abandoned tome
Whose pages long to be turned
They say there is a time and a season for everything
As my time slips away…
I am left with an aching in my bones and in my heart
This ancient relic sustained by memories of long ago
When the clouds overhead seemed not like mountains
But more like stairs leading to heaven…

note: Fealing is not misspelled. I use it to convey not only emotion but also the archaic form of the word which means faith and fidelity. It is also a form of cryptography of hiding things in words.

This is a poetic trait I picked up from St. John of the Cross.

I also wanted to continue the theme of mountains appearing as obstacles or immovable objects of uncertainty... as well as introducing Jacob's Stone/Pillow/Ladder at the end...

Who doesn't like Stairway to Heaven :) The word is LOVE

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Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Thank you sister poet :)

about 6 years

Dude, I wish I had talent ad good as you. Great job I love reading your work.

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Thank you sister poet :)

Debra Romero
about 6 years

With the heart of an artist you have opened the window to your soul. As poets we hunger for release. A piece to be proud of and one I enjoyed reading

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

copy that :)
thanks brother

crazy enough
over 6 years

For me the switching of dialect from old and new mixed superbly. It truly fed to the rustic feel of what was conveyed. It really amplified the effect by the time the punch line was delivered.After reading around randomly on a few pieces i get the sense of a mixture of things culminating and wanting to become one. Your sense of development is great. I see you using several forms of writing and carefully weaving some of it together. I can only imagine what would happened if you combined all your talent into one story. Imagine all these punchlines falling to a story with a even bigger picture! It could be wondrous!!! Possibly a entire thing of it's own in a new way!!!

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thank you! This is one of my favorites... its nice to know someone else enjoys it as well...note: ;D

almost 7 years

The last stanza really brought this one home... Very well rounded and written. I hope you're wearing a smile because you certainly should be proud of yourself!

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

Thank you! That means a lot.This one is very dear to me :)

Cheri Anderson
almost 7 years

I absolutely love your thought provoking poems. Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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