Trapped in a fishbowl
put on display for all to observe.
Just keep swimming, back and forth.
Most choose to ignore
or worse, judge.
Some show empathy;
others can’t fathom anyone else’s experience but their own,
so they show sympathy.
Oh, debilitating sympathy...
And the favorite, those who take delight in the spectacle.
What is it they adore?
Just keep swimming, back and forth.
This fishbowl soaks up the perceptions of others
and projects them onto its inhabitant.
The fish has tremendous responsibility
to allow information to flow through,
taking what is necessary
to build the ideal world
inside the fishbowl.
Any stagnation forms into scum
lining the inside of the bowl,
blurring perception.
Making it difficult to recognize the source of data...
Where is this coming from?
What does it mean?
Judgments, apathetic comments;
empty responses...
sheer ignorance.
The scum layer has thickened;
limiting the ability to swim back and forth.
Just floating there;
staring, analyzing the scum
until there is no difference
between this existence
and that of foul extraneous matter.
What does it matter?
When will this end?
drifting among refuse...
Above is an opening
to another world,
perhaps more transparent.
Ahh, a life of ease.
Is it possible?..
Survival in a world so unfamiliar?
This scummy existence does bring some comfort:
It is well-known,
accustomed to.
Being open to an alternate experience
does bring a sense of hope,
some wonder.
Enough to thin the layer that limits
so outside influences can again shape experience
and allow room for so much more;
inspiration to swim back and forth.
Maybe one day this fishbowl won’t exist
and I can actualize consciousness.


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