You picked me up when i was down,
Shoving other mans shit just to stop my frown.
And people have said for a long time now,
that me and you had something but we didn’t know how....
You make me smile, play games i haven’t played in a while,
You tell me i’m deadly even if i lose, this heart would you bruise?
And when you needed a helping hand,
when you and your gf where half way across the land.
I told you, consoled you.
That it would be fine but it feel apart between you too.
Of course you made me smile when i was dumped,
walking to the garage late at night in my tracksuit looking like a lump.
And still you told me you hate when i’m down.
The first time i met you, at my dads funeral was the only time you seen me frown.
But every chance we get,
it falls away.
Every time i’m broken i try get up and say...
And then i’ll get over it and get another love...
Then you dump the girl i helped you have!
And once i seen you...
finally alone...
single on our own.
Like a movie, you asked for my hand to dance.
Was that our only chance?
And you’ll be written in the papers any day...
And you’ll be rapping tracks while on this bed we laid.
And if only in January at gaybys 21st....
If only that kiss on the cheek at the end of the night was more.
And do you even remember you told me you missed me through December....
Every beat box holds you’re name..... if you ever liked me now... I felt the same.
This is the last time i’ll let myself to think... that we might of ever had anything.


This is actually a poem about an amazing friend of mine. He actually cheers me up to no end. I never really see him but when i do we talk for hours on end. Its hard cause my mates always ask me if something happened between us (other then a few moment where he drunken declared he missed me and needed me to be around more and kissing me on the cheek one night several times before we got different taxi's) he was with me when i got dumped and sadly when he and his gf broke up i'd already moved on which to this day he slags me off about "2bfs 2weeks" and such. Then when i was single i moved and only seen him several months later at a friends birthday where he asked me to dance and the other things happened. Tonight he was in my mates and again he and i went off chatting alone and he just kept on saying how strong i am and how i'm amazing for putting up with shit (he knows a lot of family shit as he happens to be my cousins best friend) I always wanted to tell him i liked him but never got the chance and now im in a 7month relationship so the chance is past.

Rap, love

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