Gone to the dark side

You’ll never be my light now,
you lost me we all know how.
Your contract is over due,
I’m so sorry my brother hurt you.
But the pain of your well broken face,
Is less then the pain i’m feeling now we’re apart.
You took away my laughter,
You brought back my saddest days.
You took away the kisses i adored,
didn’t you know this is so sore.
I’v no idea who you are anymore,
I dunno what you hit me for.
You make me cry and scared and worried,
All of a sudden your light was put out, the darkness in it hurried.
Why did you do this to me?
What did i do?
Its so scary to think that I still love you.
The night keeps replaying if only i’d have just ignored it all,
if only into my bed i’d let you drunkly fall.
But you abused your power touching up a chick right before my eyes.
Then you fight with some random guy!
Whats so rotten inside,
how can you hide!
All that darkness inside.
Your love was it all just a lie.


I loved you, i love you, you scare me, you broke me i'd have done all for you ray. After you no one will fill in the part you still hold onto in my heart but i could never trust you after you did this.

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