Its like I don’t know,
you aren’t what you use to...
be. Can you remember,
any of this don’t you remember me?
And maybe I’m just pretending, it was so much better then it really was.
And maybe I’m just missing the parts that were fucked up and bad because...
I cant reach you no more,
been to long lock sealed, filled over that door.
And I cant feel you no more,
been so long now feeling numb now not so sore.
But if I could just open up to that light,
if I could man up. Get over the fright
—ful fact, that its gone away
maybe I could sleep well for just today.
But I cant seem to get it through this hard head of mine!
I don’t understand what I’m trying to break free from, so I write another line....
And I cant seem to explain it this time,
that the person I’m trying so hard to find.
Was the strong version of myself, but I guess I’ll be fine...
Maybe I’m just crazy, fucked up little mind.
Cause no matter the shadow effect of the women these men left behind,
I’m still standing on my own two feet no longer am I bind!
I’m free,
no longer are you needing me.
I’m like that Deathstar,
exploding Alderaan cause you pushed me so far.
Just a giant super weapon,
Guess this is my nerded confession.
That I let you sick men use me,
No matter how must love there used to be,
I’ll never do the same to you.
Cause finally men of mine we are well and truly through.

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