Like am I that dumb struck
One moment loving you
One moment in lust
Another boy gone to rust
And another girl I don’t really trust
Do I really use people
When did my delusional mind take over
Breaking the illusions I stuttered into reality
Dis-illusioned that I mean anything
To anybody
And I’m stunned
That when Ray called I laughed with him but the next day I answered when the phone rang and told him to go back away.
I’m shocked that I picked a guy
Hunted him down
Only now to feel like a cat who caught the mouse after it was full
I’m appalled by the fact I text a girl what’s up when iv never been interested in a girl in my life
I’m flustered that suddenly while I’m under a man who acts like he Ray’s understudy
That I think of how he needs to learn lust
That he has no true understanding of love
And how I would be his teacher only I don’t have the time
Only I don’t wanna be this guys women
Not even for a ryhme
And while he’s on me I think of you
And the fact we barely had sex
And I think of how un experienced you are
Yet I’d of thought you all your thoughts needed to succeed
And you I quote we made love
Well really I don’t think you get that
now in the Isle of Man
Safe away from me
And the wondering hands and minds reality
That would only drag you close
And try to keep your adorable youth near
Your mind free now and aloof
You should run Manx boy
For I am the wolf

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