I’m the kinda girl,
Who doesn’t hold hands.
Makes plans,
But bails.
I’m just been missing feelings.
Lately I couldn’t care about the men I wear,
Drapped over me.
If I date you,
If I make you,
Fall into a bed I can’t stay still in.
Don’t sleep without company,
Weeping without feeling.
Someone loving me,
And not the idea of heart bursting love.
I mean sex why is it that we plaster the word?
Having sex was never making love.
So technology I mean,
I can’t sleep unless I’m filled with chemical charge.
From a penis!
Not the man attached to it,
Not the feelings.
But when you grab my hand,
When you won’t come back to my place.
You tease me with just a taste,
Of your lips kissing mine.
And I force my tongue,
Into your mouth.
And I fall for the words first.
That men needs to slay a dragon,
Need to take action.
How you phrase it,
Men fighting to mate.
And I fall for the fact,
That even now.
This is just a date...
And while I wanna climb on your lap,
Kissing you hard and fast.
Feeling your athletic body under me,
Yet all we’ve done....
Is hold hands.
And all you’ve did is kiss me twice,
And I’m already falling.
Trying to hide,
But I’m already on this stupid sickening ride.
Sleeping beauty,
Woke from one kiss.
All I can say,
Is I feel this.

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