A black corset top dress,
Red tartan netted skirt.
A dress once worn with confidence!
A dress i once adored myself in.
Even when friends said it was their least favourite of mine.
A dress i tried on over 5 years after i bought it and find it still fits.
A dress that doesn’t “make” me pretty, that doesnt show my boobs!
Doesn’t show my favourite part of me, my arse but yet fits me fully.
A confidence once so strong....is why i’v held onto this dress.
Hoping one day that confidence to wear it will return.
A dress  not too short or slutty to be “sexy” in
A dress that doesn’t make me more sweet, innocent, or feminine.
A dress that i need to wear soon,
before my confidence dips yet again.
Cause right now its a sin,
To have a dress so adored by me left hidden away.
Cause all that ever matter’s is not how others see me...
But that whats inside is true...
Confident at last that what was in my past is long passed.


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Alexis Faye
quasi 6 anni

Thanks! Glad you did =]

quasi 6 anni

Something different,really enjoyed that

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