Its a mystery,
why people like me love misery
a family once oh so tight,
we’d all wish each other goodnight
but when we fell,
we broke in to pieces.
and even the odd stitches that reaches,
cant repair, this tear
so build me up up
and let me down down
tell me i’m the world but build it around,
give all the false hopes and the worries
dont you worry tell me my dreams will hurry.
Whats was once a pride pack of lions
is drowning now in alcoholic and misaligned
and the rumors we all hear
nasty whispers you’d speak to people about the ones who were near
so build me up up and up
be my best friends and my advisers be my enemies and deciders
be the people who judge me all the way on my path trying to claim you’d never lead us astray
but this family is not what it was
did we ever find out our just cause?
and now like a pack of street dogs we fight over a carcass long gone
we are such a big family we have been through it all... we should be so strong
but its all so wrong
And now you are tearing it down,
we live so close but no one is around
when did we loss touch? have we really given up?
So build up the walls you set in place
leave a ladder for us to climb over
cause you cant decide
if they are in or out of your lifes.
Family sadly is for life.

Iv a big family my mams side iv 20+cousins who where in my first years my best friends most of them hate each other know as my uncles aunties and mam fight, the name family knife fight is actually a real knife fight that happened between two of my uncels when i was about 8ish(they where both on drugs at the time it wasnt a nice sight to watch my mam still claims me my sister and brother seen nothing but i remember a lot more then my family knows i do)

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