I feel like I might break.
Erupt magically into flames.
Burst out screaming
Lash out beaten.
Heart reeling,
breathing heaving.
Tears making my eyes sting.
The pit of my stomach pulling me down.
My heads aching ears ringing now.
I feel like I broke.
Feels so long since you fixed me you now....
Feels like I just dunno....
You’re the only one who knew where the pieces go.

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Alexis Faye
over 5 years

Thank you! I wasnt too sure when I started to post here if id do recorded readings but a friend suggested I should so i'm glad some people seem to like it.

over 5 years

Your voice makes me feel what you feel, brilliant piece.

Alexis Faye
about 6 years


Joe Marflak
about 6 years

Hell yea awesome

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