Over and over words whisper through my head
“You could end up dead”
Over and over I roll the dice in my hands
Snakes eyes maybe I’ll be fine
Bitterly pulling the belt around my waist
Hoping tonight it won’t break under the stain under the weight
Tomorrow I’ll be black and blue!
But happy jumping off bridges
As crazy people do.
Itsnt that what life is all about
Figure it out
When it’s OK to take a dive
And when you have to seriously walk away to save your own life.
Taking the risk
Isn’t worth it all the time
But when you take one
And it pays off its more then just fun.
Live... Until you die
Laugh.... until you cry
Love until your whole meaning of the word is finally figured out
Until finally there is no doubt.

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Alexis Faye
over 5 years

Thanks Cory I was asked if I could do positive poetry recently and was surprised that someone thought most of my work wasn't :P so kinda wanted to prove them wrong.

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Nicely done sister poet!

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