So strong so sweet,
a gold tan and black furry cuddle machine.
You stay by his feet,
accepting him for his flaws being his best friend his dog.
The first day we met your family laughed.
You huffed into my face climbing onto my lap.
They commented how you never liked others around,
But me and you would cuddle up laying on the sofa, bed or ground.
Gypsy, i’v not seen you in six months,
didn’t hear about the cancer, hadn’t seen any lumps.
Old girl i asked him about you
and he’d always reply you where fine.
It was a lie.
Today I got told the sad news.
My heart raced thinking of the pain of him losing you.
Like his lady taken before,
you where his girl, his loved and adored sweet sheperd.
I’ll miss you more then you know,
gypsy the name that made me and ray start the trip into love.
When he talked of you and me of my cob.
And now you’ve gone away it would seem
Life wont be the same for him....
Watch over him you and lady be by his side,
You girls lead him back to the path.
Sheperd his heart let him rest at long last.
This life is too short,
for the pets we love and adore.
The memories so many,
it hurts knowing we wont hear your bark anymore.
Sweet gypsy, i hope you found the rainbridge safe,
crossed over and see those of mine at wait.
Always around,
our pets souls can be found.
Helping us throughout the day, angels that never really go away.

r.i.p funny girl

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