My viking biker =P Ray

Dont ask me to describe in detail,
all you are is all i’v wanted cant you tell.
Don’t be surprised if i dont seem happy all the time,
but the happiness you bring me i can not hide.
Dont be shocked when i tell you how i feel,
just tell me that this is real.
Cause i’m fallen deeply down before i’v fallen, and its taken a while to find my feet.
But now its you this beaten heart is calling.
Its hard to see what life was like before i meet you. Every single word i know you say is true.
God its so damn hard and its too quick but i know i’v fallen for you.
Your smile makes me quiver,
your freckles under you lip make me want to start off a trial of kisses quick.
The game of hidden scars you act so hard,
but i know this is just the start.
Let me heal all your wounds and i’ll let you fix mine.
Fall for me and i’ll try not to cry.
Just don’t make promises that are easy to break,
cause from this dream i never wanna wake.
Can you heal all the holes in this heart?
Just keep me close, i understand if we part we part.
This is just the start.
But you’re healing these wounded used parts.
I know this will break my heart,
if this all falls apart.
But right now your chasing away the ghosts,
Its all in the past and you’re what my future holds.


This is a poem to a person who has seriously started to make me want so much more outta life. I can't say enough and its actually hard writing about him on paper cause there is too much to say and not enough words to describe what i feel even though its totally new.

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Dani Davis
oltre 5 anni

Thank you! Glad you liked it =]

Sarana Conradie
oltre 5 anni

Wow, wow, one beautiful poem. It speaks deeply.

Alexis Faye
circa 6 anni

Thanks cory =P

Cory Garcia
circa 6 anni

Congrats sister poet :)

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