Well if i had of know,
just over a year and a half ago.
what i was getting into,
i should have had a hint though.
You see you have chnaged.
since the medication brought back the pain
you never listen
i cant remmeber when we kissed
but i’m so sick
i wish i was over this!
I let you treat me like shit!
I bite down on my tough crying over it!
Until i was hospitalisted and you wouldnt even see me
and you blame it being from one side
you never even tried!
dont you see in this i’d die!
I stepped back, you siad i stressed you so i left.
and then you told me you’d been so down, heartbroken.
It hurts there is so much left unspoken!
Cause i felt so shit youd taken what i thought was a big hit
but then you throw up my thinsg like i’m old, used and worn within
you break me down when i say after help we can get better, you love me? well this aint no love letter.
I wish i was stronger cause you are fine,
i’m so over speaking in riddles and rhyme
and it was time.
you stopped lying, cause i give up this trying!
if you ever loved me then you would have never let me go
so dont you fall on the crack on the way out of the door.
Dont bark orders at me anymore.
Cant you see i’m open rubbed red and sore...
why don’t you just tell me you dont love me anymore?
You blame me cause i left but i swore i was helping!
You think i wanna be depressed, cant you hear me yelling.
I’m so sick of telling, you have serious issues with spelling.
And yet i’m left heartbroken
when you claim i was the one you where choking.
But im gone how my heart has spoken.
I was just there as some kinda token,.

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