How can you so blindly not see
you still own every piece each part of me.
I can’t be back tonight,
it might not be tomorrow.
but with help and small steps,
we can get back up.
you cant just assume i’m ok,
cause im scared and it still hurts not the same...
but still i hold some blame.
i counted painkillers,
i used your bracelet and burnt my leg,
i tried to cut deep using my arrow head....
I cried out loud and i cried quietly to myself so everyone would think i was ok.
cause im so sick of them asking no im not ok.
and they call you a scumbag and ignore when i say your name
and i want you to know we’re feeling the same....
i’m broken cause i dunno how to rebuild from this point.
i shouldnt be weak and fall for you...
but iv never got up from fallen.....
my armours been down from our start.
before you thought id be recalling.
You fixed my broken (now its yours) heart
i dont want you as a slave
i dont want you to pray and beg for me
i need you to work and heal and get the help
you cant be all they say..... i cant just let this fade away
you have to prove you wont hurt me again,
can you make sure we keep this distance,
say we love each other but let no one listen.
and idk what to do.
i still have to charge you...
and so many people tell me you will never change
but i loved the you i knew.... if you had changed that night i didnt know...
you looked at me and for a second wherent you but then came back to being my true blue
dont you see cant yo see i dunno what to do cause personally speaking i shouldnt but do still love you.

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