I won’t tell you to you face,
How I love the things about you,
I pretend to distaste,
This my lover is true.
I love the way you grab my arse,
Claiming me as your own... property to the world without a word.
The way you kiss me forcefully but tender on my head,
Making me feel safe and loved.
I loved how you’d be annoyed, when I’d roll away in bed... leaving you my back to cuddle.
You’d pull me close rolling me over at times, to push my hair from my face and kiss me.
Even while I slept you’d claim me while no one was there to care .
Except me ....knowing you loved me filled me with light.
And I just adored the way you’d call me beautiful....cause in my eyes I was never and am never that.
You’d grab my horrid stomach claiming even it.
And how you’d call me cute stupid names,
I adored that finally....
Someone out there,
Made a claim.
And darling I loved you so.... whole heatedly!
That I’d die just to see you be happy...
Iv throw my friends and families judgement of you away
Just for a stupid cup of coffee with you each day....
And you returned that damaged, broken, load of love back to me.
And I love you so unexplainably
That even though Ive felt like I’d run at times, give up... Iv got up instead each time
And fought...
Cause sometimes its not about the chase!
Or the idealistic idea of love!!
Sometimes its just knowing... that in the end its worth the hardest moments.
So while I tell you I love you a lot.
I think you doubt how deep my love goes,
This poem is how you know.

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Alexis Faye
over 5 years

Thanks Cory :P think you are my only fan haha the comments mean a lot!

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Another great one!

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