Im down,
i’m tired,
i’ve had just enough.
Of this respect.... people speak of.
Cause god forbid i use silly in place of stupid,
or in place of odd,
or even funny.
And how annoying it must be to have me working
not texting you as much daily, trying to earn US money.
but Jesus...
You have no right to yell at me,
no rights to call me any name.
You’re different?
So why act the same.... just another one of them.
God forbid, you have to spend another few days on a holiday,
with your family having fun...
While im working hard at home,
trying hard to not face the fact
that my mam’s crying down stairs.
The fact tomorrow night,
will be the first new years,
without the visit to my nan’s.
The fact I lost the matriarch of my family.
Facing the fact that my family will die
or drown under their own consumption of alcohol.
I’m so tired, i’m so run down, and you’ve been gone a week already
I’v had no one here now.
Yet you go and so bitterly push a fight,
for the second night,
why so you can have a spill of beer, or rum?
You really think i’d stay.... cause baby as much as i love you i’d be gone.
Cause frankly my lovely darling man.
I’m doing all I already fucking can.
And i know how much i love you dear...
.... But right now your anger and issues again i’m growing to fear.

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