The good was here

I don’t know when,
My mind races with worry.
Love won’t hurry.
Do I run too fast?
Afraid the wrong man will catch;
And I’ll speak shit to people when you disappoint me....
Blaming you on the hurried reason why we fall apart.
When really it was my damaged heart.
Breaking up men,
Man eatting yet again.
If only people knew...
It wasn’t men who walked on me.
But I that pushed all of you,
And iv broken down the door I locked.
Trying to explain...
To a man who would easily hurt his bruised ego yet again.
For I liked you more than I stated;
Yet id have a fuck and a walk away.
Just so I could have you for a day...
And don’t worry abstract!
I’m not like the other whores,
I wouldn’t expect more.
Cause I think you are more like me than you let on,
You take what you need...
To get by.
Not seeing truly "why?"
People don’t chash you down.
Not understanding,
They can’t.
Not knowing!
They love you for the reason you can’t love them back.
Cause your heart beats differently,
Everyone’s does.
I don’t think anyone understands,
You just can’t fake love.

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