To the little lioness (hence why its lions not loins =P)

Although I have not seen you,
.....not dared to ask to,
Although you are not my blood....
Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes.
You have your dads smile, but someone else’s nose.
You I know will be his pride and joy dear Jessica.
I wrote this poem for you to know,
I am not the mother who carried you for nine months...
But I hope to care for you much longer than that.
You I hope in time will too call me mam as you do,
to the one who went into labour with you.
I hope one day soon all this will start...
And one day soon you’ll learn all about how you like your dad stole my heart.
Before we even had a chance to really start, Already I sense a bond so strong,
We will never be apart.
Already my sweet “first” child you own a piece of this my untouched “mothering”  part of my ticking time bomb of a heart.

This poem is about my amazing partners beautiful little girl. I'v not had a chance to yet meet her and if it was up to himself it would be just us three against the world. Shes already such a big part of my life, and an amazing little fairy. I one day hope she reads this. <3

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