I Want you, Need you.
Cant wait for you... To kiss me, hold me... even own me.
Cant wait to show you off, i want to know it all.
Cant stop but think and talk and dream about you.
Only wish you could be right here with me in me looking at me like you do.
Love that the thought of hurting me scares you.
Cant stop wishing cant stop remembering.
Everything we do.
It hurts this missing you.


Short poem: This is about an ex i thought loved me this is one of the only ones denoting his love for me while the rest about his show his angry rage and my sick love for him through out his abusive treatment of me while we where dating and he was screwing some girls on the side (we all found out after me and him broke up and they turned out to be girls like me, shy quite but pretty amazing rock chicks)


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Alexis Faye
over 7 years

thank you!

over 7 years


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