A black star dress, i gave away soon after...
The night lingers in my mind,
never have i stepped foot inside,
that nightclub.
I use to pass it, never going near
and as time went on i lost the fear of it.
It wasn’t the place you took what you claimed was yours,
But what happened behind those doors?

When you laced my drink with a drug,

making me from sober to far gone.
Waiting util only vip wasn’t cleared out,
shouting for a taxi no doubt he knew.
No doubt he heard me say “no I’m not staying here, this isn’t my home”
no doubt he should of known I wanted to go home alone.

You where meant to be a boyfriend a protector,
meant to wait to taste the sweet nectar.
You stole my sanity my pure decent innocence left bloody and weak.

You held down my arms over my head the one I’d hit on the edge of a fire place and when I pushed you off after getting sick and trying to grab my underwear you just left me and threw a toothbrush my way telling me to clean myself.
Then dragging me home by my arm in the early hours i climbed into bed crying.

The next morning you banged down my door,
like it was a brothel and I your secret whore.
You took me to a clinic and waited outside
I’d no one to confide...
the nurses looked at me like I was dirt
dragged up when in fact I’d held off.
The bruises on my wrist and head
and yet they didn’t say a thing.
After all I had just turned 18.

You kept me locked up for 3 more months in which i grew and fought
and when my freedom came I ran to your dismay
you let go and I ran away.
When you crawled back,
my friends had heard and wouldn’t let you speak a word.
Thankfully you live in an island farer away then where you once stayed.
Thankfully I dot have to say hi like you made me after I had a panic attack months after we finished and I seen you.
You said I was rude to pretend to not know you

So months later I smiled when I seen you
I smiled cause I was not yours any more but my own.
And know while so many don’t now.
I know I’m stronger then you are alone.

lone each of us may be
but I’m so much stronger and its cause of the monster you turned out to be.

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