i love you anyway

I long to take the pain away
make it stop just for a day
like you long me to have no fear
i’m proven you wrong by standing here.
And you kiss me like no moment should be wasted
you better then any thing I’ve ever tasted
you my love are so unreal
i pray to god, just to feel...
your soft embrace pulling me closer
my hips ache
when you come down on me longing for another taste
and i bite your neck through deep moaning sighs
no lovers no love like ours
each time you mutter i rub your face
i feel you touch mine when i do the same
and naked we lie
sleeping next to you my darling is heavens own escape
and you can disagree all you like
that we have switched places
i feel more enlightened yet you feel disgraced
and i’d do anything to have you next to me
i swear my love one day you’ll see
that all the love you put into me
i have held for you just we express it so differently
I adore you more then a poem can say
but i guess this will do for now anyway.

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