Tell me your heads fucked like mine isnt

My eyes open
No tears will fall
I’ve done this game before
Broken and rebuilt this wall
And frankly it hurts
And honestly I’m raw
Cause for all those good guys
I should of saw
It coming
See you good guys claim
It’s the players game
But we chicks grow dicks
Stand our ground play them players
We own our space and become our own dragon slayers
We dont break or back down
We dont let those bad guys win
We like them after the times they’ve shown us there true colours
And if it catches fire
I’m no liar
Let that bitch burn
You stand your ground and make it through both of you
Or you run
But the damage isnt as bad
Maybe I’m just so mad
So when it comes to these nice guys
I break down my walls
Like a maiden in a tower
I think finally he got me
He got his power
And then you jump
Hoping this boy will caught you
Thinking hes all your mama thought you to find
And you free fall though air so light
But at the end
This is no guy
Just earth
And you fell for no reason but to end up hurt
So next time you nice guys claim you are the right guy
How about you count the scars
On my damaged body
On my bruised heart
And tell me what sets you apart
From every guy I’ve ever trusted
Cause bad boys might hurt us but atleast they ran their race
You nice guys
Cant even say shit to my fucking face.

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