I dont wanna be your walk away one
i wanna be your whole lifes dream doll,
you wont replace everything i’v lost
but you are my just cause.
And iv fallen like iv never fallen before,
im calling you none stop to my door.
And its clear when your here
i dont need anything darling but you near!
Dont try shake it off,
i’ll never say i’ve had enough.
Dont waste a minute of,
This true love.
And you’re making me sing like a disney princess!
you give me very high hopes, when i get undressed.
Keep coming at me until we’ve no secrets left,
I never thought love would happen but then we meet.
You begged for me,
and i adore you.
I have no more tears to cry,
and with you i feel i’ll only have dry eyes.
Ray, my love, my life, my light.
The only man i’v never mentally had to fight.
You make me whole again, never on my own again.
With you i know everything will be all right tonight.



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