That red leather couch
the springs make a crunching sound
the back board of it
hitting hard off the wall
making the whole u of houses im sure hear
the noise of this kitten purr
we listen for the sounds of the front door
all the while
banging in time
with the banging of your neighbours clearly there back garden
all the while making my legs shake an making me breath heavy
rocking back and front so simple so steady
getting ready
are you ready?
and you pull me on top and down towards your mouth
my lips on yours now
placed upon your lap
not making a nice noise like tip tap
but the springs make a crunch while the wall makes the bang and all the while im scream in pleasure now
my nails reaching the hard wall or the soft skin of your back and i fall back down into your lap
all the while your breathing and moans driving me wild
making me weak
while you place tiny kisses on my cheek screaming
without so much as a word
this right here is a description of our perfect world
not giving a fuck about how down and out of luck we are,
never far....
will be time alone
in someones home
embracing you even for a short quick fuck
or a night in a hotel bed, when we are in luck.
To embrace each other and kiss each part we dearly hold tight onto in our hearts.
Loving you is so easy to do,
unlike fucking for us two.
We’ll break each other one day me and you.

sex love fucking call it what it is, all i know is when ou find love sex is so much more then just sex. Its like youve been seeing the world in black and white and suddenly its colour. The right person makes all the difference.

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