Who art in heaven

I think it’s bravery!
To claim that suicide didn’t get the best of me.
But what people fail to see,
Is that I lack the courage to be...
The person who slices their wrists.
Thinking again and again “I’m ending this”
And I stepped so close to the end of the story,
Drop the curtain!
Valhalla is ignoring me?
And can you just riddle me this,
Why is there a blade in my hand?
When I still seem to miss...
That life’s passing me by,
Let’s be honest!
I complain that I don’t want a guy,
When deep down that actual fact of the matter is;
That this skin I’m drawing patterns on,
Just keeps doing more harm.
I guess my brain fails to connect the dots,
Of what I thought we had...
And what we are not.
And I guess I’m still clinging on,
To the stupid failed idea.
That my soul isn’t gone,
And I’m not claiming love lost me:
Lust thought me.
Is this my last shout?
But faith dies out.
When you start punching walls,
And crying aloud praying it’ll be over now.
And I guess life isn’t what I planned...
Did I think I’d just step up make some kinda stand?
On what planet does my little life matter?
One day I guess I’ll finally meet my father.

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