Your calves lick
poking your hair in angled ways
making your edgy face
and brilliant blue eyes
seem center stage
and i love you
and i cant help but steer
at your now super short yet growing back hair
and i ask you to talk you ask why
i ask you simply to tell me whats going on
and you raise your shoulders in reply
“do you still have feelings... for me” i ask
and you reply quickly yeah with that nod you always do
and stupidly a grin crosses my wide face
smiling bitterly wishing it was true
and i push on commenting so whats going on with us two
and you reply i dunno what do you want
and there it hits me in my face as i reply
i dont know... do you...
And we sit in silence
not quite sure what to do
cause lately
its like
i dunno
this world has broken us two


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Alexis Faye
over 5 years

Thank you for the comment, and lovely analogue =]

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

People are like separate islands in which they are both in the same sea. Even though they can see each other, they still remain disconnected no matter how hard they try to reach each other. Nice poem

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