I wanna build you up...
so you can break throw my walls.
I wanna be the pillar,
of light and hope.
But i keep banging my head on the glass,
trying to figure out...
how long this pain will last.
And I wont give up cause I ain't got the time,
to try and build up my own little life.
Without you...
i’m finding it hard,
its been 8 months now.
You're locked away
i’m just trying to remain.
But the rainy days remind me,
of the times we’d cuddle up in bed.
Half dead to the world outside,
laughing and playing pretend.
Like our world was perfect, when it was all just fire and ice.
Like we could somehow be the heros, and both of us would survive.
I just dunno what to do, when I cant have you.
I just dunno what to do,when I miss you.
Cause the nights are cold and the days are longer,
and i’m trying so hard but i cant be any stronger.
And I put all my time into working away,
but its killing me that i cant just say...
how hard its been.
How I cant just tell everyone how hard this is.
why can't everyone see?
That the problem here isn’t you, its me.
Cause without im crazy and mean,
without you I dunno when I begin.
And I just wanna climb back into bed,
I just wanna hold you and pretend....
that its all ok.
I just wanna hide the tears of pain, pretend my hearts fine that my mind is sane.
Just wanna love you, its like a game, are we losing this?
Want to win it back again.
Just so sick and tired
that this life is our paths
when can we change it back.
I’d never let you go,
just wanna fight it back.
I’d always love you,
soon we’ll be right on track.
Can't keep pretending,
it cantbe like that.
Cause all the lies come to the end,
this life isnt all pretend.
So simple to see
the path you pick wont lead to me
So blind i was, now all clear.
My love for you,
was built on fear.

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