Did it hurt...
when we crashed and burnt
fell from an embrace,
crying choking yelling i hate this place
And you are meant to be a person who loves me wholehearted.
Was it my birth, when this started.
Why hate and blame me, try to claim me!
Just for a fight, if i’d the courage i’d die tonight....
When did you decide...
i was to be dismissed
was it the art, the music taste the black and tan clothing ...
that made you want to break me...
Was it my face that looks so much like theirs,
i’m a human i am your child you seen me in tears!
Did the alcohol help,
wash the words from your mouth.
When you scream i want to shout!
and why would you claim... you love me
when all i get is abuse and yet you’ll never see.
You only hated you.... all the you that’s inside me.
And you think i’m all him,
the truth must hurt.
This family Jesus its nothing but a curse!
Why do i stay when its all just pain.
So plain and simple you just don’t notice we’re the same..
... But i’ll never go down the path you took...
I stood up for me, while others stood for you.
I took the beatings crying screaming pleading.... from you and from men.
While you just took the hits from my “daddy dear” come on try and defend your actions.
Was it the pain i gave you during your contractions...
You went through shit.... but i still live through it....
Just pull back the blinds you’ve been using to shade your eyes...
Look at me.... like you should see i’m you daughter... i know i’v fought ya...
But i need you to be, the mother i know you try let others see.
Help me stand, or soon you might loss me.


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Alexis Faye
over 7 years

Thank you, i do put alot of emotion into my peoms.

Alexis Faye
over 7 years

Thank you =] i put lot of emotion into my work.

over 7 years

That is intense.Very good to read

Alexis Faye
over 7 years

Thank you, needless to say its based on my relationship with my mother.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Powerfully done


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