Red alphabet ways

Like the skin I scrubbed when you raped me...
What made these men hate me?
When I thank them for compliments and agree!
That simply put girls can see their beauty?
What makes you call me a slut?
Slut shaming isn’t a word it’s just made up...
Who are you blaming doesn’t give a fuck!
When you plaster your dick on screen east and west?
But cause I fucked your buddy,
I’m the slut you second guess?
God forbid a women should lay with a man.
Iv had many a chance to lay with more,
Who I wouldn’t even hold their hands.
But all you see is that I brought out the lace,
All you see is my face...
As I go down on you.
Begging me to finish you off!
So you can pull the it’s not you?
And in a world full of fuck boys!
We hold out?
Like the last humans chased  underground.
Safe gaurds of the Internet?
Men who wanted me more!
How funny it is that they know name me whore.

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