You claim i’m selfish,
yet you drink your life away.
Claiming i’m no good,
yet here i stay.
Minding that you don’t end yourself.
Its like you’re waiting for help.
But can’t you see!
I’m dying here!
Can’t you tell, I could end it all.
Don’t you know nothing, mamma dear.
Don’t you dare, blame another person thats not here!!
Don’t you know anything about me at all!
I’m not you, does that hurt to know.
And you didn’t see the hate on me? What about when garda came telling you to move me?
No you didn’t see me with a rope burn on my neck
at the age of 7 better yet!
And you pretend its all in my head.
The beatings you use to give.
Don’t you dare ask me about him!
Yet now i’m 25 years old, and you can’t see
the only thing stopping my death
was that i was too selfless for this fucked up family.

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