I wanna crush ever man who ever hurt me.
I wanna drain the breaths of the bitches you seen.
I wanna make a strand to make them see....
But baby we’re over their shit and its just you and me.
And i would write until my tears would stop and i’d “love” until the word was lost
But when you came I knew what real love was. And when i fell i lost it all.
Every bad memory that i used to hold on to so tight....
Making sure it felt right.... and it never did until i had you my heart hide
So baby if you would just listen to all your good and you seem so dark and down sometimes,
i know you think your bad that ain’t all you have there is a light inside.....
And you cant hide the words from me, cant hide the ambition i can see.
You cant be that cruel to the bone, baby i’m telling you you’ll never be alone.
That darkness you think feel like home, isn’t where you’re meant to go.
And i just want you to know....
I’v always knew one day i’d find this fallen angel......
and finally now i know it you who found me somehow.
And when i see you smile at me i know the light through those blue eyes is meant to be,
Don’t be so hard on yourself we all lived our life’s and it wasn’t all well!
I’d choke out any person who looked at your wrong (and any girl who tried it on just so its clear)
This poem almost sounds like a bad western song (just so you know i wont let go, i’ll forever be here)
So darlin’  ray i’m awake right now writing another shitty poem just to say,
i cant explain what love i have for you it drives me so giddy (hence why i’m up so late) waiting for my ray-day!

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