Wind howling
The wolves at my door
Baring down
Howling once more
And while all these fools
Hunt a wolf in the night
I’m at home with my thoughts leading a bare faces lie
The black dog that hunts me
The dark cloud above
The dying plants around me
I show no one love
And the wind is so cold
Too cold now I fear
I’ll be lost again
Lost at a sea of emotional turmoil
So the wind may blow
The echo it sounds
The wolf is circling
The sirens calls now
And while I reach the cliffs up high
The storm clouds keep rolling
Moving on by
And the black dog that hunts me
Is ever so close
The wolf pack long gone now
My shadow a ghost
And surely ask thee
Tonight might be the end of my life
So I look back once more
Wondering why it wasnt right
And the black dog barks
Calling me on
I step off the clif
Wave caughting me and with that i’m gone
Depressive sea take me out
For I long to be free and wild
Like the dept of the ocean not to be found
A siren lost at sea
Is that how they form?
Being chased by the wolf pack
And beckoned by the dogs
Being pushed by the wind and pulled by the water
And I scream
And I cry
And I give up on my life
So I call the men to their death
For they I was no wife
So I sing men a sorrowful mournful song
Telling them why I’m all alone
And the wind that you hear howling
It will travel on

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