Private number called too quick for me to answer,
Later on I wondered if it was you.
Went to get ready for bed heard ringin yet again,
but by the time I made it to my phone...
Your name was in red you where gone.
And the police say,
“Don’t give him any responses”
They tell me to take your texts to them,
But iv for nun.
For all I know the phone rang cause of your bum.
But I wanna talk to you!
But you’ll only try change my mind!
But I wanna know the truth!
Don’t feed me another line!
How can I get through to you?
When this voice isn’t mine to find!
I’m so down its true.
And I doubt you’ll be kind...
Are you calling to tell me I’m dead?
Are you ringing to say your mad?
Are you gonna tell me its untrue?
Don’t say sorry you’ll change cause I love you!
How can you try to call?
When you hate the idea at all.
Bet you don’t wanna text,
Cause you know thy have you down suspect.
I can’t hit the reply,
Cause inside I’m dying.
No? Will be sent,
Calling me to vent?
I can’t stop my fingers,
How they linger.
Off your name,
Calling you for me is shame.
But I can’t pull my mind and heart apart!
It’s been like this from the start.
My mind melts over you,
My heart was beating so steady it’s true.
But I can’t give up on the idea of you!!
You need rehab and help too!
You need more then me I feel
Why did this love feel so real
Your breaking my wall down that I built to lock our memories away
I don’t think I can speak to you if I’m to stay ok


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