Take me back to them nights,
Where late actually meant you got home at dawn.
Walking home barefoot stupidly laughing....
and falling as you go.
First kisses on the doors steps,
followed by tea you never drank.
Cause you didn’t drink tea.
But instead came in just to talk more to me.
Whispering goodnight at that door,
that I closed and lean my shoulders into.
Like i’m questioning if my heart could handle more.
And back then...
Well I felt like love was as endless,
as the skies.
Back when i’d choices of broken guys.
Boys, who would lay  down their blackened souls,
and still beating hearts,
To be but a part of my life.
But that too changed, like everything.
Until that was I met you at that door.
Candy and flowers in hand.
We talked all night for hours,
wrapped only in each other and a red blanket.
Naked as the flames masked our shadows into one,
We spoke in hushed whispers,
as we smiled between kisses in those silent moments.
You left early,
in those hours of that fresh love.
And honestly?
Well.... I don’t know when my shoulders will stop sticking to the door,
that I closed, leaning against it crying.
That day I closed my heart beaten and broken.
When you told me your head couldn’t handle what both our hearts might of needed,
I felt love lost broken and defeated.
And while I claim I don’t want love now,
I hold hope somehow.
As it was not endless.
That idea that other could maybe mend us.

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Cory Garcia
over 1 year

Nice! The sentiment is akin to Bon Iver - Holocene

I think you are in need of a walkabout (Walkabout Woman)

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Cory Garcia

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