Please stop,
ripping me up.
Just pull my heart apart,
the quicker the better!
Instead youre taking your time,
unsitching each and every re-sown line.
And who do you think you are to keep me waiting.
I’ve been here and iv been trying to save this.
So who are you to leave me waiting,
I’m so depressed I ever stated we where dating.
And you just let time tick by,
and leaving wondering when and why....
Do you know what you do to me,
inside there is a war against my head and my heart and its not meant to be...
Not like this...
Don’t even fake another kiss!!
And who are you to claim your stressed you may be old but havent experience a bad life yet!
And who are you to let me wait like this!
And to think i showered, i curled my hair and put on face...
have a dress all picked out
for what? This our last (first real!)date.
So why am i waiting....
This right here is so frustrating.
So why leave me waiting....
just leave me here debating....
And I should have left you waiting.....


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Dani Davis
plus de 5 ans

Thanks glad you liked it, means a lot when people comment!

Sarana Conradie
plus de 5 ans

Powerful, really amazing poem

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Sarana Conradie

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