A creature half of sea half of land,
That’s what men claimed me to be,
A siren.
Of some deep that they wished to travel upon?
A killer!
That dragged them down...
A creature of half sky half land,
So many women you could hold in your hand.
So many claim you where an angel fallen to dark desire...
Many would claim you where a liar.
Two creatures so out of this world!
So alike it had to work?
Born of fright.
Fear creeped in!
I guess sometimes even with the love I gave you,
You seemed to think you couldn’t win.
One mad moment...
And you became the stuff of nightmares, the creature they claimed!
Yet I still stand here.
Angel of death,
Where are you?
Don’t claim you don’t fell the same
I know too well you feel the shame.
Won’t you just...
Whisper my name.

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